No.4 Insects Study: Bee Nature study!

No.4 Insects Study: Bee Nature study!

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Bee nature study!

On the 20th of May, we celebrate World Bee Day. I have prepared a Bee nature study for free dowload for all ages. Happy Journaling!

Download your free lessons include artist, poetry, drawing, composer, many others to help you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature and your journaling.




6 reviews for No.4 Insects Study: Bee Nature study!

  1. Margie


  2. Margie

    Really great work!

    • naturejournalingthrutheseasons

      Thank you Margie for your kind words! Enjoy!

  3. Margerete

    Awesome good work thank you!!

  4. Margerete


    • naturejournalingthrutheseasons

      Thanks, Happy Journaling!

  5. Kelly

    We are doing bees as our next unit. Soooo lucky

    • naturejournalingthrutheseasons

      Hi Kelly, so glad to help. Excited for you all. Send some photos! :). Thank you for downloading. Take care.

  6. Margerete

    Love it

    • naturejournalingthrutheseasons

      Thank you very much. Keep well.

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