Exciting NEW Winter FREEBIE!

❄️ With the nip of winter soon upon us, we’re bundling up our joy for the grand reveal of our Winter MEGA Bundle! 

Stoke the hearth of learning with our specially designed, icy-cool freebie pack, created with love just for you! 

Your wintertide collection includes:

Snow globe creative cards

Design-a-globe wonderland

Phonics snow globe journey

Step-by-step storytelling cards

Arctic alphabet match

Counting with snow globes

Frosty math equations

A-Z snowball trace

Build-a-globe craft kit

Explore-the-world landmark stickers

Plunge into an enchanted winter of engaging educational activities and striking resources that will illuminate your homeschooling days!

Highlight the date! The comprehensive bundle arrives Nov 10th at noon PST!

FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! your winter freebie!

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