When the winter finally passes, the excitement of warmer weather and clearer skies are enough to make you want to be outside all the time. Nature study is a great way to get out with your kids and experience everything the plant and animal kingdom offers in this beautiful season.

Look for evidence of new life

Spring is known as the season when plants start to bloom again, with lush new leaves, and animals give birth to offspring. It’s the perfect time to take a field trip to look for any signs of new life in nature.

Tip: Take a sketchbook and some pencils and try to draw the new leaves, plants and animals you spot!

Watch the birds

Spring is a great time to watch the birds in your region. This is typically their mating season, so there will be lots of opportunities to watch them build nests and collect food.

Plant your own seeds

One of the best ways to explore nature is by planting your own seeds and watching them grow every day. This is a fun activity for kids, as they closely examine the different development stages of the growing plants.

Watch the bees at work

Your kids will love watching bees pollinate the new spring flowers. Try to see how long you can keep your eyes on one of them and see how many flowers they visit in just a matter of minutes.

Try to spot a caterpillar

We all know that caterpillars start to complete their metamorphosis in spring and butterflies are born. A very interesting part of the life cycle of a butterfly is when caterpillars are in their silky cocoons or moults into shiny chrysalises. Try to spot a few while out and about!

Use a book

Nature is full of surprises and if you or your kids spot something new, it is useful to have a book to look it up. Another great idea is to have a notebook ready to make notes of everything you discover.

Start your journey of nature study in spring

Spring is the perfect time to start your nature study journey with your kids. There is a lot to see and explore.


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