Exploring nature during the autumn months can be a truly incredible experience. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors and watch how nature changes. Expect to see varying new colours, trees shedding leaves and animals beginning to gather food for the cooler weather.


Here are a few interesting ways you can plan your nature study for autumn:


  • Drawing seasonal landscapes

Find a spot in nature that has a view. Use your journal and draw everything you see around you, including trees, flowers, water, and animals. Once done, you can label the page, “Autumn.” Leave the next three pages of your journal blank and return to the same spot a few months later to draw the other three seasons. This allows you to explore how they differ.


  • Gather falling leaves

During the autumn months, trees start to lose their leaves. Gather a variety of fallen leaves and trace them onto a page in your nature journal. You can also research to learn more about specific types of leaves and make notes about the interesting characteristics they have.


  • Keep track of the weather 

Another exciting activity you can enjoy with the whole family is keeping a weather log. In your journal, write down all the dates of the month and keep an eye on how the weather changes every day. Once done, you can look back to see how it became cooler over time.


  • Watch a sunrise or sunset 

One of the most beautiful things to see during a nature study adventure is a sunrise or sunset. Watch as the sun come up as the new day start or watch it go down in just a few seconds. Be aware of what you see: Which colours can you spot? How quickly does it rise or set? And does the temperature go up or down over time?


  • Spot animals collecting food

Autumn is the perfect time for you and your kids to find animals and insects preparing for winter. Many creatures will spend the season looking for food and building nests. Make notes about what you’re observing and do some research about the animal or insect once you get home.


Explore the beauty of autumn through nature journaling


Autumn is truly a beautiful season and a great time to spend outdoors, studying nature. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take your kids on a hike or a camping trip before winter arrives. Be sure to take your journal and some pencils to make notes. Happy nature journaling!

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