October Nature Calendar

So excited to share my October Nature Calendar, specially I designed it for our little nature enthusiasts! 

Why should you follow this calendar? 

Learning Opportunities

Each day offers a unique nature-themed activity, perfect for all ages. From exploring South African wildlife to creating nature art and journaling, there are endless opportunities for hands-on learning. 

Connection with Nature: These activities will help your child develop a deep connection with the natural world around them. They’ll discover the beauty of South African flora and fauna while having fun! 

Stargazing: Explore the South African night sky, identify stars and constellations, and nurture an interest in astronomy. ✨

Nature Journaling: By keeping a nature journal throughout the month, your child can improve their observational skills, enhance creativity, and create lasting memories of their outdoor adventures.

Local Focus: I have incorporated South African-specific elements into the calendar, making it perfect for homeschoolers in our beautiful country.

Community Building: Share your experiences, drawings, and discoveries with our group throughout the month. 

Let’s make October an incredible month of exploration, discovery, and appreciation for the natural world! Share your adventures, questions, and creations in the comments below and let’s learn together. Happy journaling! 

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