You may think that your creative kid will never enjoy science, but have you ever considered nature study? Nature study is a form of science that offers creative kids the chance to think in interesting ways that promote their natural tendencies. 

Ways your creative kid can enjoy nature study

There are many ways to intrigue your creative kid with nature study. Some of these include:

  • Encouraging her/him to start a nature journal to create unique works of art. 

This supports observation skills, promotes notetaking, and boosts creativity through drawing and writing.

  • Doing a hunt out in nature. 

This can include looking for interesting objects or searching for something specific, such as yellow flowers or orange leaves. This is a fun way to get your creative little one to explore the outdoors.

  • Collecting objects. 

Make a list of objects that can be found in nature such as rocks, leaves, and flowers. Your kid will have a lot of fun and use her creativity to look in interesting places for each of the objects. 

  • Creating art through nature.

Your creative kid loves to dance and write poems and songs. Spend a day outdoors and ask her to compose her own creative piece incorporating some of the elements she identified while out and about. 

  • Telling stories.

Allow your kid the opportunity to freely tell stories, to consider her own perspectives. Listen as her excitement grows and her connection to nature expands.

Your creative kid may not choose maths, biology, or physics as her favourite subjects, but she will love the artistic and imaginative aspects nature study has to offer. 

If you would like to try nature study with your kid, check our free nature study resources for free download to help you to get started on your journey. Happy Journaling!

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