Whether you have already kicked off your nature studies journey with your family this year or want to start now, the holiday season is a great time for getting creative and learning something new. The Advent period is particularly a special time to enjoy nature and celebrate all it has to offer.

What is Advent? 

Cape Holly nature study

Advent is the season encompassing the four Sundays and weeks leading up to the celebration of Christmas.

Tips for nature studies during Advent

Spending time in nature during the holidays is a great way to bond with your family, but it’s also a wonderful way to learn about nature while celebrating the weeks leading up to Christmas. 

  • Have a theme for each week

Advent includes four weeks. For your nature study, you can have a theme for every week. For example: 

  • Week 1: Hope
  • Week 2: Peace
  • Week 3: Joy
  • Week4: Love

For every week, you and your family can create interesting art pieces from nature that symbolise the theme. Or you could write a song or poem that illustrate each theme by talking about nature or do nature study about Christmas ie. Christmas plants.

Nature Study & activities:

Do Nature study Christmas plants during this season.

Snow & Ice nature study from Our Journey Westward

  • Tell the Christmas story 

Through the weeks leading up to Christmas, you and your family can collect interesting pieces from nature that will help you to tell the Christmas story in the form of an art installation at home. Collect flowers, leaves, rocks or anything else that will help you tell the Christmas story in a unique way. 

  • Make small Christmas trees

Kids love decorating the tree. So, why not let them decorate their own tiny Christmas trees? Pick up a few branches that can be used as small trees. Decorate them with interesting objects from nature. Dried flowers make great Christmas tree decorations!

  • Have a red, green and white nature walk

  Get out and about and see how many natural objects you can spot in any of these colours! 

  • Make Christmas gifts 

December is all about giving. Ask your kids to find unique objects in nature that can be used to create interesting Christmas gifts. Set out a day that the whole family can work together to create natural Christmas gifts for each other. 

Ready to start your nature study journey? 

If you’re interested in nature studies, contact Nature Journaling Thru The Seasons. We will help you get started. 

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