John Muir Laws is a naturalist and an environmental educator. He is also a research associate, scientific illustrator and an author of several nature books. In his Nature Stewardship online resource, he offers a variety of tools for your nature study journey. 

How to Teach Nature Journaling

This is a guide developed by using nature journaling as a tool to engage young people with the outdoors. It is a teacher-friendly book that combines curriculum programs, practical advice, and in-the-field experience to guide educators of all levels to effectively bring journaling to their students or families. It includes full-color illustrations and sample journal pages from prominent naturalists. It also shows how to put each lesson into practice.

Nature Drawing and Journaling

This is the ultimate guide to nature drawing and journaling. It’s a how-to guide created by Muir Laws to help children and adults become better artists and more attentive naturalists. 

The guide includes straightforward text complemented by step-by-step illustrations, as well as exercises that lead the hand and mind through creating accurate reproductions of plants, animals, landscapes, and more. 

This guide provides clear, practical advice for every step of the process and for artists at every level. 

The Video Series

The Nature Journal Connection is a free educational video series presented by John Muir Laws in partnership with the Children’s Creativity Museum. 

Each video is around 15 minutes long and helps both adults and children build essential nature journaling skills through a step-by-step method. These videos are perfect for both classroom and home learning.

Interested in nature study?

If you want more information about these resources, or have questions about nature study, contact Nature Journaling Thru The Seasons now.

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