Nature is incredible, and there are so many beautiful things we can learn from it. One of the most valuable lessons we can teach our kids is how nature works and how we can nurture it. There are many creative ways of achieving this, including taking regular walks in nature, watching documentaries, nature journaling and taking up nature studies. 

Nature studies and journaling can be followed with a DIY approach, but it is always recommended to have some form of guidance. One of the most creative and resourceful nature studies curriculums for kids is Lynn Seddon’s Exploring Nature with Children. 

Lynn is a home educator and has used her extensive knowledge of nature and raising her children to put together this year-long curriculum. It is designed to help you teach your kids about nature in a fun, interactive way. 

What is Exploring Nature with Children?

Exploring Nature with Children, the full curriculum, is a 48-week-long course designed to guide you, step by step, through a year of nature study with your kids. It includes everything you need to stay motivated and keep your kids interested, including weekly, Charlotte Mason-style nature walks, a themed book list, art, and poems. 

Each week’s study contains:

  • A nature walk activity
  • Handbook of Nature Study reference
  • A book list 
  • A poem to study
  • A piece of artwork to enjoy
  • Extension activities

The curriculum is also divided into seasons, so you can schedule your studies and nature walks around the seasons of the year. This allows your kids to observe what they are learning simply by spending time outside. 

The curriculum can be followed in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. 

What is the guided journal?

The guided journal is a companion journal your kid can use as they work through the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. The journal is divided into seasons and months, with each month having four weeks of guided journaling for your kid, directly following the curriculum. The journal includes poetry copy-work, art study pages and extension activity pages.

Phenology Wheel Guide

Keeping a phenology wheel is a smashing way for you and your family to connect both with nature and each other. A way for all the family to gather together to spend time nature journaling; it doesn’t take up much time at all, and is perfect for families who have children of different ages and stages. Everyone can work together, but at their own level.

Exploring Nature Around The Year: 365 days of Nature Journaling

Exploring Nature Around The Year: 365 Days of Nature Journaling is a unique, easy to use curriculum, that provides a nature journaling prompt for every day of the year.

Simple to use, and easy to follow, Exploring Nature Around The Year has major and minor nature study themes woven throughout. No planning is required, it’s already done for you.

Learn how to keep a nature journal, and get to know nature’s rhythms in just a few minutes each day.

The benefits of this curriculum for kids

Exploring Nature with Children as a nature study curriculum provides countless opportunities for creativity, discovery, problem-solving, and education. It also helps kids understand what they observe in nature while teaching them the responsibility of looking after nature. 

The curriculum coupled with the journal will surely get your little one thinking about how powerful, yet fragile nature is and how we can enjoy it responsibly. 

Interested in Exploring Nature with Children?

If you want more information about the curriculum or have questions, contact Nature Journaling Thru The Seasons now.

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