Nature journaling is an excellent way to encourage children to appreciate and learn more about the natural world around them. However, many parents find it challenging to get their children excited about journaling or struggle to maintain the habit. In this blog post, we’ll explore three ways to make nature journaling easy and fun with your children.

Keep it Simple

One of the biggest challenges parents face when starting nature journaling with their children is feeling overwhelmed by the process. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple and start with what interests your child. For example, if your child loves flowers, encourage them to draw and write about the different types they see on a walk. Or if your child is fascinated by insects, have them observe and record the behavior of ants or ladybugs.

Encourage your child to focus on their observations and thoughts, rather than the final product. Nature journaling should be a fun and creative experience, not a chore.

Make it a Regular Habit

Consistency is key when it comes to nature journaling with children. Make it a regular habit by scheduling time each week for nature walks and journaling. It could be as simple as a 20-minute walk around the block or a more extended hike in a local park.

Encourage your child to bring their journal and a few pencils or pens on each nature walk. If you make it a regular part of your routine, it will become a habit, and your child will look forward to their nature journaling time.

Provide Tools and Inspiration

Children are naturally curious and imaginative, but they may need a little inspiration and guidance when it comes to nature journaling. Provide your child with tools such as colored pencils, watercolor paints, and magnifying glasses to help them observe and record their observations.

You can also provide inspiration by sharing your own observations and thoughts about nature. Point out interesting plants or animals you see on walks, or ask your child questions about what they notice. Encourage them to ask questions and explore their curiosity about the natural world.

Start Nature Journaling Today

If you’re looking for more inspiration and guidance on nature journaling with your children, check our free resources to start your nature study with your kids. Start your nature journaling journey with your family today. For more please check our Nature Journaling Thru The Seasons shop & Nature Study curriculum affiliates. Thank you.

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