Nature journaling can help your kids to boost their observation skills and curiosity, develop their drawing and writing techniques, and can assist them to become authentically engaged. Nature Journaling is also a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together. 

If you’ve ever wanted to explore nature journaling with your kids but are not sure how to start, follow our guide on how to foster a nature journaling habit. 

How to turn nature journaling into a regular practice

  • Introduce it in a fun way  

Kids love to have fun. So, this is often the most important part of fostering a nature journaling habit with your kids. The journaling process must be enjoyable for everyone involved. Choose a time during the day when your kids are most energised and keep the atmosphere light and exciting. Singing songs and telling stories during the session can help to keep your kids engaged longer. You can also get a few of your kids’ favourite snacks to eat while taking part in the journaling sessions. 

  • Switch it up 

The infinite range of possibilities of what you can do on every new page in your journal is exciting. Don’t stick to just one or two activities. Switch it up and let your kids choose their favourite activities too. Here are just a few of the creative things you can do during your nature journaling sessions: 

  • Draw what you observe.
  • Write about what you observe.
  • Take photos and paste them into your journal.
  • Write a poem inspired by your observations.
  • Collect nature samples and paste them into your journal.
  • Record the weather and location of the journaling activity.
  • Use nature items to make art.
  • Give your kids freedom

Allow your kids the freedom to record what captures their interest too. These probably won’t be the same things you want to do in your journal and that’s okay! No two nature journals will ever be the same, so let your kids have fun.

  • Set small goals 

It does not help to force anyone to journal more regularly. To make it happen, set small but clear goals for you and your kids. At first, journaling may feel unnatural or forced because it’s not yet their habit or routine. It may even feel like work at the start, but remember, you are training your kids to make a new habit. Soon, it will feel more natural, and they will want to do it all the time.

  • Do it often

Pick one day each week to nature journal with your kids. When you create a routine, your kids will get into the habit faster. For example, you can decide to have your sessions on Saturday mornings and take a hike in nature every Sunday afternoon. 

Start nature journaling with your kids today 

If you’re ready to start nature journaling and looking for exciting resources and guidance, we have our free resources as well as Exploring Nature with Children a complete year long curriculum and NaturExplorers nature study curriculum.

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