Yellowwood Tree Nature Study

Yellowwood Tree nature study for free download for all ages. Download your free lessons includes on how to start nature journaling, free nature journal worksheets, poem, drawing, many others to help you and your family to enjoy the beauty of nature and your nature journaling. Special thanks if you leave your review on my product […]

Charlotte Mason’s Approach

How do we apply the Charlotte Mason’s approach to our homeschooling? Some ways to apply her approach. Charlotte Mason was an influential educator who believed in providing a broad and liberal education to children that included a focus on literature, the arts, and nature. Charlotte’s belief that the child is a person and we must educate that […]

Some family outdoor activities to do this Spring and Summer

Best season to be outdoor and spending time with your families and friends. Check my free nature study resources as well as my favorite nature study curriculums: Remember to check local guidelines and restrictions, as well as weather conditions, before planning these activities. Enjoy your time together as a family! Thank you for reading and […]

I am I can I will I ought FREE PDF prints.

I am I can I will I ought… You receive a high-quality, ready-to-print, digital download Letter size file in PDF format. No physical product will be shipped. Blessings!

Exploring Animal Tracks and Signs for Nature Journaling

Have you ever gone for a hike and noticed some mysterious animal tracks? Or have you seen signs of animal activity in your own backyard? These animal signs or footprints can reveal a lot about the wildlife in your area and the seasons in which they are active. Here are some interesting points on animal […]

Living Literature

Living Literature by Our Journey Westward Time for composition, my daughter loves writing stories especially got to do with animals . At the same time we may not let children neglect either of these delightful studies. The time will come when they will delight in words, the beauty and propriety of words; when they will […]

How to make your nature journaling easy with your children

Nature journaling is an excellent way to encourage children to appreciate and learn more about the natural world around them. However, many parents find it challenging to get their children excited about journaling or struggle to maintain the habit. In this blog post, we’ll explore three ways to make nature journaling easy and fun with […]

The benefits of nature field trips with your children

Helping a child develop a connection with nature is one of the most meaningful things anyone can do. Not only does it teach children to have respect for and take care of nature, but it also creates countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, and problem-solving. Interacting with nature allows children to learn by doing and experimenting […]

What does observation mean in nature study?

The act of observing nature seems pretty straight forward. You simply go outside and look at all the trees, plants and animals, right? Not exactly. Observation is mainly the act of gathering information about something. Humans have been observing nature for thousands of years for the purpose of acquiring knowledge for survival. Fortunately, in recent […]