Total 500 pages, valued at US$160, you can get it for just US$19!

This offer is available from September 25th to October 4th 

and will never be repeated.

Get ready for the Spring Ultimate Learning Adventure with a bundle that will take your African Unit Study to the next level! Dive into a world of knowledge, creativity, and fun with our incredible selection of educational digital printables and resources, perfect for elementary through high school learners.

Africa’s Big Five Nature Study: Explore the wonders of African wildlife, from the majestic lion to the elusive leopard. Learn about their habitats, behavior, and adaptations.

Between the Lines African Picture Study: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Africa through art. Discover captivating African landscapes and wildlife with this picture study.

How to Draw Insects: Unleash your artistic talent and learn to sketch intricate insects with step-by-step guides.

South African Wild Flowers: Dive into the vibrant world of South African flora. Explore the diversity of wildflowers with stunning illustrations.

African Wall Art Prints: Decorate your learning space with breathtaking African-themed wall art prints.

Mathematics and Pre-Algebra: Strengthen your math skills with comprehensive worksheets and exercises.

Undated Homeschoolers Planners: Stay organized and plan your homeschooling journey with ease.

Insects and More: Delve into the world of insects and other fascinating topics.

African Animals Posters and Wildflowers: Adorn your walls with educational posters featuring African animals and wildflowers.

African Silhouettes and Tracks: Explore the mysteries of African wildlife through silhouettes and track identification.

Colour Theory: Understand the world of colors and how they impact our lives.

This incredible bundle spans 500 pages and is valued at US$160, but for a limited time, you can get it for just US$19! This offer is available from September 25th to October 4th and will never be repeated.

Created and Designed by Three Proud Talented Homeschool Moms: Our resources are crafted with love and expertise, ensuring an enriching learning experience for your family.

Thank you @JackieHerrman & Antoinette Marlow for partnering with me on our Africa Spring bundle 1st Edition for homeschoolers. Your contributions have been invaluable and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration. ❤ Thank you❤️

Don’t miss out on this ultimate spring learning adventure! Grab the Africa Ultimate Spring Bundle and unlock a world of knowledge and creativity. Perfect for homeschoolers, educators, and anyone passionate about Africa and its diverse wonders.


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